SJ was formed from a branch of the old Swedish State Railways, known as SJ. When the former public enterprise was converted to six independent limited companies at the end of 2000, the company dealing with passenger traffic took over the name of SJ. Owners: The Swedish state via the Ministry of Industry and Trade
Sweden (SJ)

SJ is the main train operating company in Sweden. Every day about 70 000 people are travelling with SJ.

Day- and night trains between Sweden and Norway


From January 7 there are once again daily InterCity train services between Stockholm-Oslo-Stockholm. In addition to this there are also new Regional trains running between Karlstad-Oslo-Karlstad. 


Train 8909 Monday-Fridaý Train 625
Train 8919 Monday-Friday Train 637
Monday-Friday, Sunday
      Train 630 Monday-Friday Train 634
Train 8920 Monday-Friday

Train 646
Monday-Friday, Sunday

Train 8936 Monday-Friday
   08.30    14.30 Dep. Stockholm C Arr. 13.30 15.30    22.00   
   11.31    17.34 Arr. Karlstad C Dep. 10.25 12.26    18.55   
09.35 11.35 15.35 17.50 Dep. Karlstad C Arr. 10.22 12.24 16.25 18.49 22.47
12.30 14.36 18.31 21.03 Arr. Oslo S Dep. 07.28 09.28 13.29 15.48 19.39

Please note that there will be certain schedule changes around the main holidays. For detailed timetables, see www.resplus.se .
The night train between Stockholm and Oslo is running twice a week (night Thursday/Friday and night Sunday/Monday). This night train runs directly via Karlstad-Charlottenberg. For detailed timetables, see www.resplus.se .

The night train between Oslo and Stockholm is equipped with seating carriages in 2nd class, couchettes and sleepers (1 and 2 berth compartments with WC/shower in each compartment). 

Train 8     


     Train 7
22.53 departure

Oslo S

arrival 06.34
06.30 arrival

Stockholm C

departure 23.00




X 2000:
The X 2000 is SJ´s high-speed train, travelling smoothly and silently at up to 200 km/h (125 mph). The journey between Stockholm and Göteborg takes about 3 hours, while Stockholm-København takes about 5. The modern trains offer comfortable seating in 1st and 2nd class. The Bistro coach can offer hot and cold meals, sandwiches, coffee, beer, wine and other refreshments. Sockets for radio and music channels are fitted at all seats, and headsets are available in the Bistro. In the X 2000 trains you also have access to wireless internet in the whole train. All seats are equipped with power points for PC, cell phones etc.

Sverige kart

Swedish regional and inter-regional trains have 1st and 2nd class cars with refreshments available on board and seats adapted for disabled travellers. Some trains also have a family car with a play corner including a slide etc, where children can play during the journey.



The X 2000 trains run on these lines:

  • Stockholm - Göteborg
  • Stockholm - Malmö - København
  • Stockholm - Borås
  • Stockholm-Herrljunga/Uddevalla 
  • Stockholm - Jönköping
  • Stockholm - Sundsvall/Härnösand/Östersund
  • Stockholm - Karlstad/Arvika
  • Stockholm-Borlänge/Falun
  • Göteborg - Malmö
Swedish night trains are among the most modern in Europe, some trains also have a cinema car with a Bistro. There are several different travel categories:
Exclusive compartments - your own compartment with 2 beds and en-suite shower and toilet.

2-berth compartment

- sharing a 2-berth compartment. Shower and toilet in the corridor.
3-berth compartment - sharing a 3-berth compartment. Shower and toilet in the corridor.
Couchette - sharing a 6-berth couchette, with toilet and washing facilities in the corridor.

København - Stockholm 5:00 2
Stockholm - Malmö 4:00 - 6:30 16
Stockholm - Göteborg 3:00 - 4:30 15
Stockholm - Mora 3:30 - 4:00 7
Stockholm - Kiruna 17:00 - 18:00 2
Malmö - Göteborg 3:00 - 4:30 12

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