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Scandinavia is sub-region located in Northern Europe with the best cultural, historical and linguistic ties. Residents and tourists in Scandinavian cities nowadays feel comfortable to find train stations and use exclusive facilities for train travel. You may be a beginner to the Scandinavian trains and think about how to successfully travel elsewhere by train.

All trains in Scandinavia are punctual, frequent and comfortable. Almost every beginner to the Scandinavian cities considers travel related expenses. They can feel happiness as affordable train passes. They must understand and remember that full-price tickets are expensive. They can book ahead for discounts. They can buy rail passes and save their hard-earned money.

Train ticket reservation facilities

Reservation is one of the best options for everyone with an interest to reduce the travel expenses. You can use the facilities for reservation and get loads of benefits especially at peak times on certain train lines in particular long-distance trains. You must focus on various names used to specify the fast trains in Scandinavia.

Facilities in trains

Overnight trains in Scandinavia offer sleepers or couchettes. Do not forget that sleeping options are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Couchettes are basic bunk beds. These beds are numbered from one to four in the first class and one to six in the second class per compartment. A bunk cost is around €25 to €50 on top of the train fee for many trains regardless of length of the journey.

Sleeper is a comfortable option and providing beds for one or two passengers and 2 or 3 passengers in the 1st and 2nd class trains respectively. There is a dining car or snack trolley in the long-distance Scandinavian trains. This is advisable to bring your own nibbles and reduce the food related expenses while travelling by train. Car-carrying facilities are available in some long distance trains.

Train passes

More than a few types of Scandinavian train passes are available for train travel within Scandinavian cities. Seniors, students and individuals under 26 years old can get cheap train passes. You must remember that reservation costs and supplements are not covered by these train passes. Train passes’ terms and conditions may change. You must check every aspect of the train passes before buying.

Every pass-holder must carry their train passport on the train because the identification purpose. There are two main categories of train passes in Scandinavia. Eurail passes and InterRail passes support train travellers to get different benefits.

How to buy train tickets in Scandinavia

You can get your EUrail tickets n online when you want to be all set prior to your trip. You can buy train tickets from one of the automated machines nearby timetables located at any Scandinavian station where you wish to start your train travel. You must choose the English as your language at first for your convenient approach to buy the ticket. Train ticket vendors at the ticket windows speak English. You have to wait in line when you use this approach to buy a train ticket. You will get enjoyable and safe train travel in Scandinavian cities.