DSB provides urban, intercity, regional and international passenger rail services within Denmark, and across international borders, in particular into Sweden. In 2002 DSB carried a total of 151.1 million passengers. Passenger train kilometres totalled 57.4 million, an increase of 2 per cent compared to the previous year.
Denmark (DSB)

DSB has been an independent public corporation since 1 January 1999. DSB is wholly owned by the Danish Ministry of Transport and Energy. DSB carries some 160 million passengers every year and operates approx. 80 per cent of passenger train services in Denmark.

InterCity and InterCityLyn:

DSB kart

Hourly services of modern InterCity and InterCityLyn trains, IC3 Flexliner, connect Copenhagen and Zealand with the main towns of Jutland and Funen. InterCityLyn is a fast train with fewer stops. All InterCityLyn and most of the InterCity trains are equipped with power outlets. On “Standard” (2nd Class) a refreshment trolley comes to the seat. On DSB 1' (1st class) you are welcome to help yourself to soft drinks, coffee, tea and newspapers. In the morning you are served with a crusty roll with accompaniments, and during the day you get cake, fruit or the like.


København - Esbjerg 3:15 Every hour
København - Frederikshavn 6:00 Every hour
København - Aarhus 3:10 Every hour
København - Odense 1:30 Every half hour
København - Aalborg 4:40 Every hour

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